If you are familiar with hypnosis or mind control, or even a fan then you will know that it can be a great tool – you can use it to access your deepest subconscious limiting beliefs and negative self perceptions or those of others

It can be quite easy when you understand how to do it. This is why these techniques have been increasing in popularity.

This is because – by bypassing your conscious logical mind, and gaining access to your subconscious mind – you can easily eliminate someone’s limiting beliefs from within.

The main difference is that all of this happens without putting you into a deep trance like state!

Yes you do enter a light trance state. The kind of trance state you experience while driving a  car or are engrossed in a good book or movie. This is a perfect trance state to create change in yourself or in others.

As you create this very light trance state it opens up the unconscious mind to accept your guidance. This is what allows you to “program” your unconscious to achieve the things you want.

While you can accomplish many powerful changes, things like stopping smoking or losing weight will require more deep trance work and maybe even some major behavior modifications.

If your goal is to make changes to help you at work or with your friends or family. These hypnosis techniques may be just what you are looking for.

If on the other hand your goal is to control people like zombies or make major changes like weight loss this is probably not for you.

Hypnosis and mind control can accomplish many great things. And can help you improve both your life and the lives of the people around you.