Common Questions Answered

Here You Will Find Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Hypnosis-Mind Control And Our Programs

Will you be sending me other products after I place an order with you?

No. You might be thinking this works like a CD club or book club where you automatically are sent a product every month. This is NOT the case here. We only send what you order.

How do you make money offering Free Hypnosis-Mind Control Reports?

You will notice that we also offer a number of other products. The majority of our customers come back to order other non-free products from us after they have experienced our Free Reports.

I don’t like to use my credit card on the internet. Can I send you a check for my order?

No. We do not accept mail order.

Will I lose control in hypnosis or mind control?

Absolutely not. Quite the opposite is true. You cannot be controlled while in hypnosis. Hypnosis is about learning self-control. You will not enter hypnosis unless you want to enter hypnosis. You will not accept suggestions while in hypnosis unless you want to accept the suggestions given to you. You always have control. The hypnotherapist is only a guide using his understanding and skills to show you how to make the changes you want.

Will I blackout while I’m in hypnosis or mind control?

No. You will be fully aware while in hypnosis. As a matter of fact, you will notice a heightened state of awareness and a connection to insight of self realization.

Is Hypnosis safe?

Yes. Hypnosis is always a safe modality for self improvement. There are many misconceptions held by the public about hypnosis. Most of these misconceptions have been created by movies and over sensationalized stories. When you listen to the “Intro To Hypnosis” track on your hypnosis CD, these misconceptions will be revealed.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness which creates a natural pathway from conscious mind to subconscious mind so suggestions can be accepted for self improvement.

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is a process of distracting the conscious mind so the subconscious mind can be open to accepting suggestions without interference of over analytical and critical thinking. Mostly, this is done by bringing one’s focus to the relaxing of mind and body.

Who can be hypnotized?

Anyone who can follow very simple and easy instructions can be hypnotized. So pretty much everyone who wants to be hypnotized. We have found that the only people that have a hard time being hypnotized are people that hold some kind of fear about being hypnotized. This is because fear creates resistance.