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You want to learn to hypnotize people using covert hypnosis. In order to do this you have to follow the main hypnotic process. The following techniques will allow you to perform each stage more effectively and more successfully.

1) Use compliments to build rapport and to prepare the person for doing what you want.

You may think that compliments are not as good as building rapport as some of the more covert hypnosis techniques, such as mirror imaging.

However, the reality is that they are equally effective and can serve more than one purpose. You just need to learn how to make compliments effectively, as you learn to hypnotize.

The idea behind using compliments to build rapport is to prepare the person for agreeing to do what you want by pushing him to make a commitment. This may sound a bit too complex, so I’ll introduce the idea with an example.

Let’s say that you want to borrow a small amount of money from a friend. In the beginning of your conversation you can say, “You are the most generous friend I have.” You can also use the line, “Unlike most of my other friends, you are kind and generous.”

You can readily give examples of the person’s generosity. Then, you have to get the person to agree that he is generous. Then, when you finally make an embedded command, you can readily use, “As a generous friend, you can lend me some money.”

You can see how you are binding him to say “yes”. This is an effective method that you should practice and master as you learn to hypnotize.

2) Base the influencing of the subconscious mind on the person’s values and their hierarchy.

As you learn to hypnotize, you will realize that the beliefs and values of a person are part of his subconscious mind. People just make decisions and act based on these values and beliefs. They do not analyze them with their critical mind.

This is something that you need to use during the induction process. You have to stress the importance of the different benefits he will get from doing what you want. You have to link these benefits to the person’s inner values. If necessary, you can use their hierarchy as well.

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